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Three kinds of rope tying methods of stainless steel wire rope: vertical sling, looper sling and vertical basket sling.

How to choose wire rope rigging:

1. The selection of rigging shall meet the requirements of load, hoisting method and environment.

2. When using multi-limb rigging, the actual load of a single limb cannot exceed the rated load of any single limb in the multi-limb.

3. In case of uneven load, professionals should analyze it to avoid any overload operation of one limb.

The rated load of stainless steel wire rope:

1. Do not exceed the rated load.

2. The horizontal angle of the rigging is lower than 30 degrees, so it cannot be lifted.

3. The rated load of the loop is based on the loop angle ≥ 120, and the lifting capacity of the loop-through sling is 70%-75% of that of the single limb loop.

4. The rated load of the basket is determined according to the D/d ratio. When the two ends are vertically hung with heavy objects, the capacity of basket sling is twice that of single limb sling; At 30 horizontal angles, the sling capacity is the same as that of a single limb.

5. Ensure that the shape and size of the lifting sling can be accurately hung on the lifting hook or other devices.

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