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Types of Wire Rope

What Is Wire Rope?

Wire rope is a rope made of metal wire around a core. There are usually four main components. 


Wire is usually made of carbon steel, stainless steel wire rope is made of stainless steel and may be pre-formed during the production process to match the shape of the finished strand.

Specific Construction

The strand is made up of multiple wires laid spirally around the Core in a specific construction. in the basic construction, the strand can be of different sizes or the same, arranged in different patterns. the construction of the strand affects the flexibility, and abrasion resistance and The structure of the strand affects the flexibility, wear resistance and fatigue resistance of the wire rope.

Strands Supporting

The core is at the centre of the Rope and the strands are spiralled around the core, which can be made of natural or synthetic fibres, steel or stainless steel cores, supporting the strands.


Lubrication is applied during the manufacturing process to prevent corrosion and reduce friction between the components.

Common Constructions of Wire Rope

Common Construction of a Wire Rope

The construction of a wire rope is usually identified by a set of numbers, for example, 7 x 19, where 7 represents the number of strands of wire rope and 19 represents the total number of wires. The second number technically represents the number of wires, but it is more accurate to say that it identifies a grade or range of values and is not an exact measurement.

Common constructions are 1 x 19, 7 x 7, and 7 x 19.

Wire Rope 1×19

Wire rope 1×19, a single strand of 19 wires, is so stiff and smooth that it gives engineers the freedom to design a stiff cable that won't bend, so you might find it anywhere you need to run a rope in a straight line. It is usually used for wire railing and construction rigging, often with crimps at the end. However, this is not suitable for wire rope grips or wire rope ferrules because it is usually too stiff to spring back on itself, especially for large diameter wire rope.

Wire Rope 7 x 7

Wire rope 7 x 7 can be used for handling rigging or for towing and manipulating heavy loads. It has 7 main strands, each with 7 wires, and is very flexible up to a diameter of 3mm, when the diameter exceeds 3mm the flexibility of the Wire rope 7×7 is reduced.

Wire Rope 7 x 19

Wire rope 7 x 19 consists of 7 main strands, each with 19 wires, and is used when heavy stresses are involved and greater flexibility is required. wire rope.


Flexibility: Wire rope 7 x 19 > Wire rope 7 x 7 > Wire rope 1 x 19

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