Wire rope thimble are used in wire rope assemblies to keep an eye from being crushed. When a wire rope assembly is terminated with an eye or loop at the end, a cable thimble is inserted to form the eye of the loop before the rope is secured.

Our wire rope thimble is the best in quality standards and is available in many sizes. Tube thimble is easy to install, gusseted tube thimble is a perfect addition to increase the integrity of your winch line. DIN 6899A & g-411 thimble, widely used for light-duty rigging applications, heavy-duty thimble g-414, DIN6899B, and the K2 Thimble, K2-B thimble, K3 thimble, K15 Thimbles are ideal for outdoor applications.

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Types of Rope Thimbles

How to Choose Wire Rope Thimble?

What you need to consider is the environment and application in which you will be using the wire rope thimble.


If you are using the wire rope thimble for a permanent installation that will not experience loads, then you can use a lightweight wire rope thimble, which you can also use outdoors, but please note that these plated thimbles are not very corrosion resistant and will show signs of rusting much sooner than hot dip galvanised, especially when exposed to rain, snow or salt water.


If you are using wire rope thimbles for lifting, for outdoor use, then choose heavy duty wire rope thimbles. Hot-dip galvanising is more resistant to corrosion than electro-galvanising, but can also show signs of rust if the galvanising is worn away from load-bearing areas or contact surfaces. However, surface rust will usually wear off during use and should not affect its performance.


If you use wire rope thimbles outdoors, particularly in or near corrosive salt water environments, and require good corrosion and wear resistance, then stainless steel wire rope thimbles are the ideal choice.

Why Choose Wire Rope Thimble for Fishing and Trawling?

Why Choose Wire Rope Thimble for Fishing and Trawling?

The addition of a wire rope thimble to the wire rope eye allows the wire rope to form a natural curve, creating an extra layer of protection and support to protect the wire rope, which can cause the eye to be crushed when the wire rope is bent in order to be attached elsewhere. This not only provides a degree of safety, but also extends the life of the wire rope.

For wire rope thimble for fishing and trawling, stainless steel is generally used extensively and many customers also use hot dip galvanised steel.

Stainless steel tubular thimble, as well as the European commercial type, G414 heavy duty, and G411 light duty wire rope thimble, are also popular due to their excellent corrosion resistance, especially in salt water environments such as the sea. G411 light duty wire rope thimble are the most used types.

The hot dip galvanised steel rope thimble is also much more resistant to corrosion than the usual surface finish, although you can of course request a Powder coated surface finish.

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