China LG™ sells Grade 80 and Grade 100 for fishing and trawling: Viking G hooks, DV hooks, self-locking hooks, sling hooks, grab hooks, master links, hammerlock links, swivels, chains, and ratchet load binders.

This catalog is a collection of grade 80 and 100 products commonly used in fishing and trawling, for your different needs.

Grade 80/100 Hooks are manufactured from superior alloy steel, suitable for use with grade 80/100 chains. They are powder coated, which increased corrosion resistance. With a higher wear resistance due to increased hardness, there is increased durability with the G100 chain and fittings. There is a 25% higher load capacity over Grade 80 with G100.

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How to Inspect and Use Grade 80 Products?

How to Inspect and Use Grade 80 Products?

Always check your Grade 80 product before use to ensure it is not worn or damaged. Regular inspections are also important and it is a good idea to fill in and keep a numbered inspection record.

Check for wear, stretching distortion, twisting, scratches, etc. Measure worn areas to confirm that wear is not out of standard requirements or tolerances.

If there is any distortion of the Grade 80 product, such as a larger opening in the hook throat, discontinue use and replace it with an approved product.

When using the Grade 80 product, ensure that the load is evenly distributed, move slowly to gradually compensate for slack and when lowering the load, the load should not fall on the Grade 80 product to avoid crushing it.

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The Difference Between Grade 100 and Grade 80

Working Load Limit

Grade 80 rigging is suitable for traction applications, overhead lifting and can also be used to secure high load industrial loads in the flatbed truck industry. grade 100 rigging has an average of 25% more working load limit than grade 80 rigging and is a better alternative to grade 80 rigging, made from high quality alloy steel, heat treated for increased strength and elongation and is known for its efficient and easier handling capability and is renowned for its popularity in construction, fabrication and rigging applications.


Advantages of Grade 100 rigging over Grade 80 rigging,

1. higher load capacity, 25% higher than Grade 80

2. smaller diameter and reduced weight

3. better price/performance ratio and price

4. higher hardness and wear resistance for longer service life

Alloy steel rigging is ideal for use in any facility for lifting heavy loads at height and is available in a range of grades.

How to Maintain and Inspect Grade 100 Rigging?


To maintain Grade 100 rigging, do not heat treat Grade 100 rigging as this will reduce the strength of Grade 100 rigging; keep Grade 100 rigging in a clean, dry place; apply a small amount of oil when storing chain slings for long periods of time.


Inspect the Grade 100 rigging regularly, keep a record, check carefully for oil wear, twist, stretch and scratches, measure the wear products to confirm the degree of wear; for example for chains, check each link individually and also the main chain and hooks for wear and deformation; connecting links should be checked for signs of wear at load points, excessive play of the pin in the body half and rotation of the body half around the pin for damage. If there are obvious defects, do not use them.

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