The D-ring is a great tool for added security and stability when transporting heavy items. And it’s a great tool for farmers, ranch hands, repairmen and anyone transporting cargo in their trailer or truck bed. Forged d-rings are considered heavy-duty, being much stronger because they are formed from solid steel with no seams or breaks. The forged d ring with bracket has two mounting holes, can be placed and welded anywhere along your trailer and provides an added anchor point when an extra anchor point attachment is needed. For flexible strap direction, use a bent d ring.

Besides, the double clevis link, is designed for linking all popular sizes of chains to rings, end links, eye hooks, pad eyes, tractor eye bolts, etc. Easy-to-install connector for short- or long-term use. The pear-shaped rings are manufactured using superior-grade raw material as per international qualitative standards.

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Types of Forged Rings & Connector

Features of the Weld-on D ring


Both D-rings and wrap are forged from steel for high production efficiency. the forging process increases the service life of the Weld-on D-ring and is dimensionally accurate. no additional machining operations are required, saving material and reducing waste.


Most of the surface finishes are self-colored and can be quickly welded to a trailer or truck, but can also be powder coated if required.

Work Load Limit

The working load limit for the actual application is still determined by the degree of welding you do, depending on the capacity of the trailer or truck, please be careful to weld correctly.

What is a Weld-on D ring?

What is a Weld-on D ring?

Weld-on D-rings are a type of D-hardware that can be welded directly to the surface of the trailer and are mainly used as temporary lifting or strapping points on inconvenient structures to ensure safe transport. Do not exceed the working load limit.

How to Install the Weld-on D ring?

Choose the Best Location

Choose the best location for welding the Weld-on D ring and make sure that nothing is in the way.

Clean Foreign Material

The area to be welded must be cleaned of any paint, dirt, limescale or other foreign material that will come into contact with the bare metal.

Place Right Position

Place the Weld-on D ring in the position to be welded and place the wrap firmly on

Material Use

It is recommended to use a low hydrogen electrode (5/32'') or low carbon wire (0.045'')

Avoid Distortion

It is recommended to alternate welding from one side to the other to minimize the build-up of wear to avoid distortion. The surrounding area or weld area should be normalised to 600ºF and allowed to cool slowly.

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