China LG Supply offers comprehensive Marine grade stainless steel hardware that is specifically designed for the installation of sunshade sails and sunshade sail structures.

High load carrying capacity, and stainless steel have rust-proof properties, so it is especially suitable for outdoor use.

Regardless of the size, weight and structure of your sail, we guarantee you the right hardware. We use Marine stainless steel because it is strong, durable and looks great.

Shade sail hardware includes D ring thimble cast, D-ring with the welded tube, turnbuckles, rigging screw, snap hooks, shackles, pad eye and wall plate, eye bolt and nut.

Stainless steel shade sail hardware, manufactured in the highest quality stainless steel for industrial use. There are two such preferred grades, 304 and 316, both of which are resistant to corrosion, and are electropolished for an enhanced surface finish.

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Types of Shade Sail Hardware

LG RIGGING®'s Shade Sail Hardware

LG RIGGING® offers shade sail hardware made of 304 grade stainless steel or 316 marine grade stainless steel, electro-polished for a clean finish and high corrosion and rust resistance, as follows



The turnbuckle provides tension and locking when mounting the shade sail, with the possibility of adding a little extra length. The best way to achieve optimum tensioning of the shade sail is to use the maximum length of the turnbuckle.



LG RIGGING® offers a range of terminals, from swage terminals, which require swage tools, to swageless terminals, which do not require any swage tools or crimping tools and are safe, secure and reliable. There are also a variety of styles to choose from, such as clevis type, eye type, stud type, toggle type, lag screw type and many more.


Pad Eyes

Pad Eyes and Wall Plates are used as a fixing point on the wall. The larger size allows the load to be spread over a larger area and is more suitable for heavier or larger sails.


Eye Bolts and Nuts

Stainless steel Eye Bolts and Nuts are generally used on wooden or steel posts.


 Rigging Screw

The rigging screw is designed to conceal the threads, protect them and give them a more streamlined appearance. It can be used to attach various anchor points, fixing points or other accessories such as eye bolts and nuts.

Maintenance and cleaning of the shade sail

Maintenance and cleaning of the shade sail

1. rinse the sunshade sail with a hose to clean up any dirt and fallen leaves on it.

2. For more thorough cleaning, use a mild detergent to water and scrub the shade sail gently. Never use harsh detergents or hard brushes to avoid damaging the shade sail and reducing its UV resistance.

Installation of the Sunshade sail


Consider the size of the sunshade sails and the place where they will be installed.


Consider the path of the sun in the area you want to shade and install it in the correct position and direction, in addition to making the sunshade sail a high heat source, such as a grill or fire pit. 


Consider the fixing points; it is convenient if there are trees or railings where the installation is to take place, if you need to install the poles yourself, then check the building regulations with local agencies to avoid possible legal problems.


Consider the placement method to be chosen when installing. Horizontal placement: all corners at the same height, suitable above the swimming pool. Diagonal placement: triangular sunshade sails can have two corners high and one corner low. Rectangular and square shade sails can have two corners at different heights. 


Advantages of sloping: a. Keeps the tension on the sunshade sail to prevent sagging and also prevents the shade sail from being blown up by the wind; b. Better protection from rainwater, with a lower spot where most of the water falling on the shade sail will flow away naturally and not collect.

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