LG RIGGING® supplies fishing net floats, which are used for commercial fishing. These are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. These are used for purse seine, gillnet, raw nets, fish net cages and so on.

Our fishing net floats are widely applicable to fishing and aquaculture. The materials we have EVA, PVC, EPS, PE, ABS, etc.

We can make them in the shape of cylindrical, spherical, oblate, bullet-shaped, etc. And for color, we have white, yellow, red, orange, brown and others you want.

We provide all specifications of fishing net floats and can also customize them for you. Welcome to contact us at any time.

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Types of Fishing Net Float & Buoy

Fishing Net Float's switching principle

Liquids are buoyant and float systems (usually with corresponding auxiliary equipment) are made to match the buoyancy of the liquid, when the level rises, the float system rises accordingly. Today we would like to introduce you to the switching principle of the Fishing Net Float.


1. When the liquid level drops, it also drops accordingly. When it rises or falls to the set position, the Fishing Net Float system will touch the travel switch (or other micro-electronic equipment) at the set position, thus causing the travel switch to send an electrical signal, and the electrical control equipment will act immediately upon receiving the electrical signal to cut off or connect the power supply, forming an automatic control system.


2. The Fishing Net Float valve body is made of stainless steel die-casting technology, which makes the parts fit together well and does not corrode and loosen or jam, ensuring that the ball valve works stably for a long time. Cleaner, healthier water.


The Fishing Net Floats including PVC fishing net floats are always floating on the water and when the water rises the Fishing Net Floats rises with it, and when the Fishing Net Float rises the connecting rod rises with it. The connecting rod is connected to a valve at the other end and when it rises to a certain position, the rod supports the rubber piston pad and closes the water supply. When the water level drops the Fishing Net Float also drops and the rod opens the piston pad again.

What are the Different Types of Fishing Net Float?

What are the Different Types of Fishing Net Float?

As we all know, the Fishing Net Float is an indispensable tool in the fishing industry and is widely used in the fishing, fishing and deep-sea farming industries and is very popular.

Having been engaged in the production of Floats for several years, we have a complete range of types and specifications, from types into EVA floats, PVC floats, EPS floats, PE floats, etc.; from specifications into more than 100 specifications such as spherical floats, oval floats, cylindrical floats and square plate floats.

LG RIGGING's products are cost-effective and economical, saving you money in the long run on maintenance, repair, replacement and servicing costs. The above types of floats are suitable for different types of the fishery, so if you need to buy one, make sure you specify your requirements so that we can provide the right product for you.

What are the advantages of the Fishing Net Float?


Blunt corners to avoid the usual hazards associated with concrete, wooden and iron installations, such as slipping and falling, being stabbed by splinters and rusty nails, etc. Fishing Net Float is environmentally friendly, light, buoyant, acid and alkali-resistant, UV resistant and anti-aging, and has zero maintenance, flexible combinations, long life and beautiful colors. Long life span, bright and beautiful colors. It is widely used in pontoons, water platforms, marinas, water pontoons, water leisure platforms, speedboat docks, floating docks, sightseeing platforms, water restaurants, water parks, water cabins, water stages, sea baths, water swimming pools, ferries, net farming, construction buoys, engineering construction and a series of other water projects.

Fishing Net Float is important for its good impact resistance, performance and reasonable price because it is environmentally friendly and largely maintenance-free. Fishing Net Float can be used in deep and shallow water, in moving water, in salt and fresh water, in frozen and hot water, in clean water, in almost any place where there is water, and in a wide variety of shapes, easy and fast installation and dismantling, environmentally friendly, light, stable and safe. 100% maintenance-free.


Fishing Net Float features and values.

1. Safe and stable: the non-slip design of the engineered float surface saves one from the usual hazards associated with wooden installations.

2. High load-bearing capacity: buoyancy varies according to size. 3.

3. Service life: 15 years.

4. Versatile: can be used in a wide range of applications.

5. Economical: low maintenance and repair costs.

6. Easy to put up and take down: quick and easy to install and take down.

7. Strong resistance: UV, seawater, frost, chemical, oil, etc. resistant.

8. Flexibility: can be combined into any size and structure as required. 


Marine floats are tough and hard enough to withstand natural environmental changes and low temperatures, lightweight, buoyancy, acid and alkali resistance, zero maintenance, flexible combination change, long life, bright and beautiful colors, anti-corrosion, anti-freeze, anti-UV and anti-aging, not subject to seawater, chemicals, oil and water creatures, no pollution, no damage to the environment, the whole plastic pipe float is formed seamlessly in one go, no water seepage, no water storage. The entire plastic pipe float is formed seamlessly in one go, with no seepage or water storage problems, and can be recycled.

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