Turnbuckles (aka Rigging Screw, Straining Screw) are used in rigging to join wire rope or cable to an anchor point or other length of wire. They have a screw thread for precise length and tension adjustment. Most turnbuckles are forged or cast from stainless steel or low carbon steel. Turnbuckles are normally used for rigging or tensioning of wires, ropes, rods, etc, designed for straight or in-line rigging, tensioning, or lashing only.

We offer a wide range of turnbuckles including open body turnbuckles and closed body turnbuckles. Turnbuckle comes with a variety of end fittings: stub end, eye and eye, hook and hook, jaw and jaw, jaw and eye.

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Types of Turnbuckles

Parts of Turnbuckles

Turnbuckle is mainly composed of a turnbuckle body and an end fitting with its own threads, which can be fitted with nuts at both ends if required.

There are two types of turnbuckle bodies: open body, where the threads of the end fitting are not wrapped in the body and cannot be seen, and closed body, where the threads of the end fitting are enclosed in the body. The other is the closed body, the threads of the end fittings are enclosed in the body, and there is a hole in the center for inserting a straight tool to rotate the body. when the two ends of the end fittings are fixed, you can turn the turnbuckle body to expand or contract the distance of the end fittings to adjust the tension.

End fittings are various:


Eye ends, threaded rod ends are ring-shaped, for galvanized turnbuckle, eye ends ring is generally closed, unless it is very small specifications, there are forged, there are welded. For stainless steel turnbuckle, the eye ends are generally welded. This eye end fitting is very strong.


Hook ends, is the most convenient and quick to connect and release end fittings, but of course will not be as easy to slip off as eye ends.


Jaw ends are easy to connect and release, yet safe and secure.


Stub/Thread ends are steel rods with standard threads at the end, used to separate or push objects apart.


Nuts, you can install nuts on both ends of the end fittings to prevent loosening.

Recommended Turnbuckle Uses

Lifting & Rigging Hardware use in Sports & Entertainment
Sports & Entertainment

Turnbuckle is used to provide tension on top of stadiums, wrestling or boxing ring ropes around the perimeter.

Lifting & Rigging Hardware use in Transportation

Turnbuckle can be used to tension tie-down parts of ships.

Lifting & Rigging Hardware use in Construction

Can be used to adjust tension and provide tension support. From small awnings to large suspension bridges, highway guardrails, large buildings, etc.

Lifting & Rigging Hardware use in Aviation

Cable and wire rope in aircraft structures are tensioned by turnbuckle, such as wings, flight control systems, etc.

How to Use Turnbuckles?

How to Use Turnbuckles?

Unscrew the ends fittings of the turnbuckle until the ends fittings at both ends are extended.

  • If it is hook ends, just hook the hook to the fixed anchor point, such as shackle, swivel, thimble, etc.

  • If it is an eye end, then you need to open or remove the anchor point through the eye ends, such as snap hook, shackle, quick links, etc.

  • If is jaw ends, the pin of the jaw will be removed, the jaw through the anchor point, and then insert the pin back into the jaw. thus forming a closed loop, it is connected to the anchor point.

Then you can use a stick-shaped object through the turnbuckle body to turn, to adjust the distance of the ends accessories, know to reach the tension needed for wire rope, if you use the nuts, please tighten the nuts.

Safety lnstructions of Turnbuckles


First of all, please note that the turnbuckle is generally not suitable for lifting and load-bearing, please pay special attention to preventing overload, if the turnbuckle is deformed, the tension should be reduced immediately and the deformed parts should be replaced.


Turnbuckle must be used for straight line pulling only, no overloading and no side loading.


Regular inspection of the product, the inspection should be carried out in accordance with the national safety standards, because turnbuckle will be deformed by wear and tear, overload, etc. in the process of reuse. can check whether the turnbuckle body and end fittings are of the same type, whether the threads are damaged, whether there is deformation, wear, scratches and cracks.


When using, you must ensure that the end fittings are screwed into the turnbuckle body correctly, and if there is a lock nut should be locked to prevent loosening.

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