Stainless steel chains and accessories play an important role in the world of rigging. Popular in food handling environments, wastewater and marine applications, but this can be used for many applications.

We manufacture high-quality stainless steel chains, design and dimensions according to DIN standards, including din763 long link chains, din764 medium link chains, din766 short link chains, and din5685A/C chains. We can also provide stainless steel lifting chain which specially formulated for use in overhead lifting(most stainless steel chain is not approved for overhead lifting). SS Twist Link Chain is very light yet durable, ideal for decorative applications, animal leashes, wallets, accessories, and more.

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Types of Stainless Chains

How To Use Stainless Steel Chains?


Stainless Steel Chains can be used under normal conditions of use and below working load limits.


If abnormal use conditions, such as high or low temperatures, chemicals, etc., can cause changes in the performance of the chain, e.g. do not heat treat the chain privately as this can cause a significant reduction in the strength of the chain.


Do not apply sudden dynamic loads to working chains, chain slings etc. This may cause the chain to be loaded beyond its working load limit.

In what applications are Stainless Steel Chains used?

In what applications are Stainless Steel Chains used?

Stainless Steel Chains are perfectly suited to many applications, especially those related to marine, fishing and boating, as both 304-grade stainless steel and 316 marine-grade stainless steel have excellent corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and durability and are considered to be the most durable of all maritime applications. 316 stainless steel is considered marine-grade stainless steel and is more durable than 304 stainless steel in extreme conditions where chlorinated substances such as seawater are present.

In addition to marine, fishing and marine applications, Stainless Steel Chains are also used in industrial, construction, agricultural, hardware, food and medical applications.

Stainless Steel Chains are generally not considered suitable for lifting and towing, but LG RIGGING® offers stainless steel lifting chains that can be used for lifting.

The Advantages of Stainless Steel Chains


Highly resistant to corrosion: 

Stainless steel is remarkably resistant to corrosion, it does not have a protective layer like galvanized steel, instead, it builds defenses internally.


Durability and sustainability: 

stainless steel offers structural strength and integrity.


Smooth and lustrous appearance: 

the characteristic luster of stainless steel is practical and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

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