Stainless steel bolt snaps can be used outdoors or in a marine environment. Stainless steel harness clips are suitable for a wide range of marine and everyday applications. The swivel eye hook features a removable safety latch and is load rated for overhead lifting. Stainless steel eye slip hook can easily hook up to shackles, eyes or chain-tied loads. S-hooks shaped like the letter s, are a quick, easy and safe way to connect chains from the towed vehicle to the towing vehicle. A long arm s hook, also called a ''u'' hook, has a straight longer arm at the bottom, used for suspending & hanging, marine rigging, display & many other uses. Spring gate snap hook, also known as a tack hook. Our range of din5299 snap hook is available in standard as well as customized sizes.

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Types of Stainless Hooks & Clips

Stainless Hooks & Clips by LG RIGGING®


Always check and clean the eye bolt holes and threads before use, as the receiving holes should be countersunk, so also clean any debris from the receiving holes to ensure the eye bolt is seated correctly.


In the Stainless Hooks & Clips range, LG RIGGING® offers Carabiner hooks in stainless steel, which are generally available in 304-grade stainless steel or 316 grade stainless steel for marine use, offering excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, rust resistance and a higher price.


A common form is DIN 5299, which consists of a small eyelet area that is connected to a chain or rope and a large eyelet area that opens a spring-loaded door to a chain, rope, etc. The small eyelet area is an additional closed loop for securing the end of the snap hook to the chain or rope. The nut is used to prevent the door from opening unintentionally.


There is also a harness hook, which has a reinforced eye for more demanding applications and a wide opening for multiple or larger ropes.

There is also an oval-shaped one, also with or without a screw cap.

There is also a pear-shaped one, egg-shaped.

We also offer G hook, and S hook.

LG RIGGING® offers load rated snap hooks for common applications

Marine and fishing
Marine and fishing

For attaching anchor chains, ropes and securing equipment.


To provide stable and adjustable support.


For attaching wire rope etc.


Stadiums etc. for attaching wire rope, rope etc.

WARNING: Please note that this Carabiner hook is not suitable for rock climbing and mountaineering!

Classification of Carabiner hooks

Classification of Carabiner hooks

Carabiner hooks can generally be divided into three categories, the first is for climbing and fall protection, the second is for loads and the third is for non-loads.

We offer a second category of Carabiner hooks with a load rating, which are load rated but are not used for climbing and fall protection and are usually used for non-critical suspension applications such as marine and fishing components. You must ensure that you select the correct grade for your application.

We also offer a third type of non-load-rated snap, usually for key fobs, but these are rare and we generally still offer load-rated Carabiner hooks in the majority of cases.

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