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The Wire Rope Puller is made for pulling low and pulling tight and can be used in different industries, construction, shipbuilding, power line construction, factories, forestry, mining, recreation, refineries, civil engineering and many more applications where loads are often pulled.


When it comes to tensioning or pulling, the Wire Rope Puller is a great tool that is easy to carry, for example if your car gets stuck in the mud or sand, you can use the Wire Rope Puller to pull your vehicle out in a very short time.

How the Wire Rope Puller works?

How the Wire Rope Puller works?

The Wire Rope Puller is simple and easy to operate. the release mechanism of the Jaw makes it easy to thread and pull out the wire rope, anchoring the puller firmly and securing the load. operation is carried out by cranking the handle and placing the handle on the forward or reverse lever.

The heavy-duty parallel jaws located in the Wire Rope Puller pull the wire rope through and can be easily adjusted with a simple tug on the handle, the Jaw is slowly and gradually gripped, and the heavier the load, the tighter the grip.

How to Install Wire Rope Puller?

Should to Note

It is important to note that

1. Do not use severely rusted or worn wire rope to avoid posing a hazard during the use of the Wire Rope Puller and to protect the operator's life.

2. Make sure that the WLL of the Wire Rope Puller is not exceeded and that the working load limit of the Wire Rope Puller is not exceeded.

Method of Use

1. to disengage the main ratchet drive, first locate the drive pawl spring on the lever handle and place the spring in the up position to disengage the ratchet drive

2. If you have two load hooks, you can connect them to each other and then attach the load hook to the load

3. pull up on the stop pawl trigger and then use the Wire Rope Puller to pull back so that the wire rope is released to your anchor point

4. Once you have reached the anchor point, release the trigger and make sure it is in the ratchet sprocket position, then you can hang the anchor hook on the spot you want to pull and start pulling

5. Ensure the drive is engaged, the drive pawl spring must be pushed into the down position so that the main ratchet drive engages the main ratchet drive sprocket

6. Rock the lever backward and forward to move the load in a ratchet fashion, the lever moves back and forth and the load will move slowly until the load is in the desired position. It is important to secure the load before you release the tension, this will prevent the load from accidentally moving backward.

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