LG RIGGING,one of the leading rigging equipment suppliers in China, offers lifting and rigging equipment and accessories for a wide range of applications in the construction, transportation, marine, commercial fishing, chemical, energy, logging industries, etc. Of course, the application scenarios for boat rigging hardware are not limited to these.

LG RIGGING's boat rigging hardware is available in a variety of materials and finishes, including galvanized steel, alloy steel (surface finishes such as galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, and powder coated are common), and stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most superior in terms of corrosion resistance and resistance to harsh weather.

There are various types of industrial rigging supplies, including turnbuckles, wire rope clips, thimbles, wire rope ferrules, blocks, etc., which are used with wire rope; connecting links, master links, hooks, etc., which are used with chains. There are also a variety of flexible swivels, shackles, eye bolts and nuts, quick links, snap hooks, etc. Grade 80 and Grade 100 products are also available. 

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Types of Lifting and Rigging Elements

Selecting the Right Rigging Hardware

One point to note is that not all boat rigging hardware is suitable for aerial lifting, for example, the boat rope hardware used for towing and strapping is not necessarily suitable for vertical lifting, because vertical lifting requires high stress, stronger hoist rigging equipment and high requirements for WLL and safety factor.

Please note that Breaking load(B.L.)=WLL*Safety factor.

Safety factor usually has 4 times, 5times, 6times, 2.5times.

In addition to considering the WLL and safety factor of the lifting & rigging hardware itself, the angle of the load in actual use should also be considered, because the WLL will be greatly reduced if the load is implemented at a certain angle. For example, the WLL of a hoop is 1500lbs when the lift angle is zero degrees, but when the load is 30° from the vertical, the WLL becomes 600lbs, and when the load is 60° from the vertical, the WLL is reduced to 330lbs.

Gallery of Lifting and Rigging Element

Snap hook
Snap hook

FAQs About Lifting & Rigging

What is boat rigging hardware?

Rigging is a tool for securing and distributing heavy loads during lifting or handling, for safely attaching loads to lifting machinery, and for moving objects from one point to another.

Construction, transportation, shipping, chemical, manufacturing, fishing and other industries often utilize heavy duty rigging equipment for their operations.

Tips for rigging operation safety

Hoisting and rigging safety is the first and most important thing for any rigging operation. We want to protect workers and property from the risk of crane and rigging accidents. Therefore, it is vital to follow the safety rules for hoisting and rigging equipment.

Before lifting, it is important to first do the following:

  • Check whether the specification, size and WLL (working load limit) of the lifting and rigging equipment and its accessories are matching and suitable, and please note that it must be used and operated under a safe working load and limit.

  • Checking whether the hoist rigging equipment is in good condition and removing it from the site immediately if any defective equipment is found.

  • Keeping personnel away from the operating area.

  • To start the machine and lift it for a short distance, check if the rigging is firm and confirm that it is correct before operation.

  • Take the weather into consideration. Do not operate during snow and ice, as the load becomes unstable, or during rain and snow, when visibility is low.

  • When maintaining heavy duty rigging equipment, it is important to do the following tasks.

  • Inspect the equipment regularly for cracks, bends, corrosion, etc. to ensure it is in good condition.

  • Store the hoisting & rigging equipment in a dry, moderate temperature space with little dust and not exposed to sunlight, and try to avoid the loss of equipment surface

How to select lifting and rigging equipment/components?

The first step is to determine the hoisting and rigging equipment specifications and load limits. The working load limit is the maximum weight that can be safely applied to a specific locking equipment, so to determine the weight of the rigging task, it is recommended to choose heavy duty rigging equipment that exceeds the weight of the rigging task by a lot to avoid the loss of manpower and property.

Next, environmental factors should be considered. Because the working place of rigging may be outdoors, so the outdoor conditions will affect the choice of boat rigging hardware. For example, if the operating environment is near the ocean, a windy and corrosive location for products, marine grade 316 stainless steel rigging will be more suitable because this material is highly resistant to corrosion.

Then there is the need to find professional rigging equipment suppliers. Consider not only the price, but also the quality, a price is a good thing. LG RIGGING can well help you to buy the most suitable industrial rigging supplies to do your job better and faster.

What equipment is used for lifting & rigging?


Turnbuckle is used to adjust the length and tension of wire rope, chains and other boat rigging supplies that need to be tightened. turnbuckle itself will have threaded ends.

-Eye bolts & nuts

Usually used as anchor points, the types are shouldered bolts, non-shouldered bolts, screw eyebolt, U bolts, etc.

-Lifting rings

These forged lifting rings are usually used in conjunction with chains, wire rope, and slings.

-Hooks & shackles & swivel

Used to connect ropes, chains, slings and other lifting and rigging equipment to secure loads to prevent them from slipping when suspended.

-Wire rope & Chains & Lifting sling

Usually attached to cranes by hooks, shackles, swivels to secure and move loads.

-Grade 80 & Grade 100 products

These are high-strength hooks, lifting rings and chains for lifting, and chain binders and chains for rigging.

-Pulley & blocks

Hold the rope in place while moving the load, and provide support while reducing the stress of lifting.

-Quick links & snap hooks

Can be used with chains, wire rope for connection.

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