Quick Links (aka ''Repair Links'' or ''Rapid Links'') are steel screw-links designed for general purpose connecting two chains or chains to components. The big strength of the Quick Link lies in its effectiveness. Despite their small size, they have a matchless strength, the threaded barrel screws open to allow items to be added and then screws closed to retain them.

Also known as a carabiner, these metal loops with a screwed gate are used to quickly connect components together. The simple design and tough working load limits make quick links extremely versatile in many industries, from boating and rigging to farming and ranching. Quick links are also commonly found in military use as well as recreational use like camping and rock climbing.

Choose from oval, long, triangle, and pear-shaped, available in a variety of sizes.

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Types of Quick Links

Materials of Quick Links

LG RIGGING® offers Galvanised quick links and stainless steel quick links.


Galvanised quick links are not suitable for long term use, if you are looking for short term, short term applications, then choose galvanised quick links, ideal for quick link chains, wire rope. However, it is not recommended for use in aerial lifts. The recommended working load limits must also be observed during use.


Stainless steel quick links are more suitable for long-term or permanent use and are also suitable for outdoor use due to their excellent corrosion resistance against extreme weather and wet conditions, such as salt water or nearby environments. In the long run, the use of stainless steel quick links in the rigging of marine vessels is actually a cost-saving option.

What Is Quick Link?

What Is Quick Link?

Quick Link is used to quickly connect or repair chains on site without the help of other tools, just by manually twisting the nuts. Sometimes it is used to link chains together to increase their length, for example in rigging or climbing operations. Sometimes it is used for different types of loads or different directions of loads, as quick links come in different shapes, oval, triangular, etc.

Shapes of Quick Link

Oval Quick Links

Oval quick links are generally used for linear applications where the direction of load and the direction of tension are in the same line, such as pulley ropes and sports nets. 

Triangular And Square Quick Links

Triangular and square quick links are more suitable for applications where the load is pulled in different directions, such as safety belts, webbing etc. Different shapes of quick links are available to suit your different applications.

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