Our trawling swivel is often used in Fishing & Trawling applications, usually made of stainless steel 304/316, or after hot dip galvanized or electric galvanized to prevent them from rusting.

We have many kinds of chain swivels, among which hot items are the Flexible swivel general type, Flexible swivel Longer type, which is made of stainless steel 304/316, Chain swivel G-401 and Chain swivel G-402, which has been hot dip galvanized or electric galvanized. If you need others, pls find them below.

We manufacture chain swivels in regular sizes. Apart from this, we can also customize swivels as per your drawing, welcome to contact us.

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How to Use Turnbuckles

How to Use Turnbuckles

Unscrew the ends fittings of the turnbuckle until the ends fittings at both ends are extended.

If it is hook ends, just hook the hook to the fixed anchor point, such as shackle, swivel, thimble, etc.

If it is an eye ends, then you need to open or remove the anchor point through the eye ends, such as snap hook, shackle, quick links, etc.

If is jaw ends, the pin of the jaw will be removed, the jaw through the anchor point, and then insert the pin back into the jaw. thus forming a closed loop, it is connected to the anchor point.

Then you can use a stick-shaped object through the turnbuckle body to turn, adjust the distance of the ends accessories, and know to reach the tension needed for wire rope, if you use the nuts, please tighten the nuts.

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