Our Viking hook, links and rings mainly used in fishing and trawling gear, are suitable for a wide range of marine and everyday applications.

Our range of Viking hooks/links/rings is available in standard as well as customized sizes.

Viking hooks feature G-shaped and DV type, we have stainless steel 304/316 and grade 80.

Links for trawling gear we have round links, spectacle links, quick links, C links, and recessed links.

For rings, for trawling gear, we have forged rings, cast rings, and welded rings.

Trawling Gear
Boat Fittings

Types of Hooks / Links / Rope Fittings

Links for Fishing and Trawling

Links for Fishing and Trawling are available in quick links, C links, round rings, master links, pear shaped links, processed links and connecting links.


Quick links are mainly stainless steel quick links, LG RIGGING® also offers long type quick links in your choice of 304 grade stainless steel or 316 marine grade stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.


For C links, we offer wire rod formed and cast versions, also in 304 or 316 stainless steel. Of course, galvanised steel is also available.


Round rings are also available in stainless steel, single rings, double rings, spectacle rings and are generally used in conjunction with fishing nets.


LG RIGGING®'s Master links are available in stainless steel as well as Grade 80 and Grade 100 alloy steel, both of which are extremely robust and durable. connecting links, also called Hammerlock, are also available in Grade 80, Grade 100 and, of course, if you need a stainless steel Pear shaped links and recessed links are also available.

If you would like to purchase any of the above, please contact LG RIGGING®'s specialist at

Hooks for Fishing and Trawling

Hooks for Fishing and Trawling

Hooks for Fishing and Trawling include G hooks, snap hooks and lifting hooks.

LG RIGGING® offers stainless steel and alloy steel with powder coated surface finish, both of which are ideal for marine applications where moisture and corrosion are high.

Stainless steel Snap hooks are also widely used in the fishing and trawling industry, being compact, portable, easy to open and close and simple to use, with eyelet or without, with screw nut or without, and also with harness square clip. available. We also offer stainless steel snap shackle, fixed eye, eye swivel or jaw swivel.

Lifting hooks are generally Grade 80 hooks and Grade 100 hooks which are widely used, Self-locking hooks, as the name suggests, are simple to use, safe and reliable. sling hooks are equipped with a tongue and are less expensive than self-locking hooks, but still offer the strength they deserve. There are also Grab hooks, a wide range of swivel type, eye type and clevis type to choose from.

Rope fittings for Fishing and Trawling

Stainless Steel Turnbuckle And Rigging Screw's Material

Firstly, the stainless steel turnbuckle and rigging screw, made of stainless steel with a highly polished surface, are excellent for corrosion resistance and aesthetics, and although they are not the choice for lifting or hoisting, their role in fastening cannot be underestimated. 

The Next Step is The Swage Terminal

The swage terminal requires a swage tool to crimp and integrate with the wire rope, contributing to your application. When it comes to Rope fitting, wire rope clips, DIN 741 standard, simplex and duplex wire rope clips are often used, plus the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is a very good choice. The most popular types of Eyebolt are DIN580 and DIN582. If you have any requests, please contact

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