LG RIGGING® is based in Qingdao, Shandong Province, with a wealth of expertise and experience, and warm and attentive service. We hope to provide you with an unforgettable buying experience.
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LG RIGGING® aims to be Where Your Safety Comes FIRST! We are committed to providing you with safe lifting and rigging solutions to enable you to do your job safely and efficiently; a comprehensive range of fishing and trawling gear to meet your commercial fishing hardware needs; top quality Deck hardware and yacht fitting to make boating better; a wide range of alloy steel, carbon steel and stainless steel products, aluminum and copper products and much more.

With over 15 years of experience in rigging production, China LG Supply has a long tradition of excellent service, competitive prices and a strong commitment to quality.

In addition to the products shown in our catalog, we offer a full line of trawling gear, marine hardware, lifting & rigging hardware and all related products. Our complete range of lifting solutions is customized to your individual needs.

China LG Supply has been certified by ISO9001, SGS in succession.

The G80 hooks and links have been certified by CE and TUV.

With advanced mechanical property testing machines, as well as a physical &chemical testing center, the company can independently carry out the tensile test of less than 300 tons, and chemical composition analysis of such metal materials as steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

90% of our products have been exported to Germany, Australia, USA, Italy, Sweden and other European and American markets.

Our products also have been exported to other countries and regions such as Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, etc.

We carry an extensive variety of products, at present, it is mainly divided into the following sections,

Fishing & trawling industry, Stainless steel products, Rigging hardware.

Our products are widely used in the fishing&trawling industry, metallurgy, electric power, shipyard, seaport, oil-field, railway, machinery, auto, energy, aerospace, etc.

Fishing & trawling gear include Trawling swivel, trawling shackle, Viking hook, links, rings, rope splicing spike, trawling chain, trawl block, rope thimble, wire toggles, and chain toggles.

Stainless steel products include Shade Sail Hardware, Drop Forged Stainless steel products, Stainless Turnbuckles, Stainless Chains, Stainless Eye Bolts & Nuts, Eye Plate, Eye Straps, Angles, Stainless Hooks & Clips, Stainless Pulleys, Stainless Quick Link, Stainless Rings, Stainless Shackles, Stainless Hinge, Stainless Swivels, Stainless Terminals, Stainless Thimbles, Stainless U Bolts, Stainless Wire Clips.

Rigging hardware includes Turnbuckles, Eye Bolts & Nuts, Forged Rings & Connector, Pulley & Blocks, Quick Links, Forged Hooks, Shackles, Swivels, Snap Hooks, Wire Rope Clips& Grips, Wire Rope Thimbles, Wire Rope Sleeve/Ferrule, Eye Plate and Other Rigging Hardware.

In addition, there are G100 Products, G80 Products, Chains & Accessories, Chain binders, Wire Rope, Yacht Fittings, Lifting Sling, and Ratchet Straps.

Factory Show

lg rigging company lifting and rigging hardware casting factory
lg rigging company stainless steel products casting
lg rigging company rigging and lifting equipment forging
lg rigging rigging and lifting equipment welding
lg rigging company stainless steel products factory

Quality Control

To ensure quality, China LG RIGGING® is equipped with a laboratory with advanced mechanical property testing machines, chemical material analysis center, hardness-tester, coating thickness gauge, etc. We usually do a tensile test before shipment and produce tensile test reports and test certificates.

Hydraulic Tension Testing Machine
Hydraulic Tension Testing Machine

LG RIGGING® is equipped with a Hydraulic Tension Testing Machine, which is capable of carrying out independent breaking tensile tests up to 300 tons.

Material Spectrometer
Material Spectrometer

LG RIGGING® is equipped with a Material Spectrometer for the analysis of the chemical composition of steel, aluminium, copper and other metal materials.

Hardness Tester
Hardness Tester

LG RIGGING® is equipped with a Hardness Tester to check whether the hardness of the product is up to standard.

Coating Thickness Gauge
Coating Thickness Gauge

LG RIGGING® is equipped with a Coating Thickness Gauge to check the coated thickness of galvanised products.

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