Our Trawling chain are made from stainless steel 304/316 and alloy steel with powder coated, which is often used in marine applications.

DIN standards include DIN763, DIN764 and DIN766, we also have DIN 766 calibrated chain.

G80 chains we have G80 fishing chains, among which are short-link chain, mid-link chain, and long link chain. We also have G80 chain and G100 chain.

This particular chain is used for a huge variety of tasks. Mainly in the marine industry, this chain would be used with anchors but this can be used for many applications. We manufacture Trawling Chains in regular sizes. Apart from this, we can also customize them according to your drawing.

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Types of Trawling Chain

How to Use Trawling Chains?

Trawling chains are specified for use under normal conditions of use and under conditions below the working load limit.


If unusual conditions of use, such as high or low temperatures, chemicals, etc., can cause changes in the performance of chains, for example, do not privately heat treat chains, as this can result in a significant reduction in the strength of the chains.


Do not apply sudden dynamic loads to working chains, chain sling, etc. This can cause the chains to be loaded beyond their working load limit.

Chains for Fishing And Trawling

Chains for Fishing And Trawling

The Grade 80 fishing link chain for fishing is usually available in three types, a short link chain, a mid-link chain and a long link chain. The chain is made of alloy steel with a painted surface to ensure good resistance to rust.

There is also a stainless steel Trawling chain, available in 304-grade stainless steel or 316 marine-grade stainless steel, which has excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.

Other chains are also widely used in the fishing industry, such as stainless steel DIN 766, DIN 764, and DIN 763 chains, and some customers buy DIN 5683 long link chains. painted, which is rust and corrosion-resistant while at the same time being strong and solid.

Maintenance and Inspection of Grade 100 and Grade 80 Chains?


To maintain the Grade 100 and Grade 80 chains, do not heat treat the Grade 100 and Grade 80 chains as this will reduce the strength of the Grade 100 and Grade 80 chains; keep the Grade 100 and Grade 80 chains in a clean and dry place; apply a small amount of oil when storing the chain sling for long periods of time.


Inspect Grade 100 and Grade 80 chains regularly, keep records, check carefully for oil wear, twisting, stretching and scratches, measure worn products to confirm the degree of wear; for example chains, each chain link should be checked individually, master links and hooks should also be checked for wear and deformation; connecting links should be checked for load points for signs of wear, excessive play of the pins in the body halves and damage to the body halves rotating around the pins. If there are obvious defects, do not use them.

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