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Types of Wire Ropes Clips & Grips

Parts of Wire Rope Clips

Traditional Wire rope clips are mainly composed of three parts: saddle, U bolt and nut. galvanized clips have either forged or cast saddle, and forged ones are stronger and more durable than cast ones. Stainless steel clips are generally cast due to the special nature of the material, which is ideal for use in corrosive places, especially near the sea. If you have a need for stainless steel wire rope clips, please check our Stainless Wire Clips in Stainless Products.


Fist grip wire rope clips are made of saddle and nut only; the saddle of these clips is usually forged.


Another type is simplex/duplex wire rope clip, which is mainly composed of saddle, top plate, bolt and nut. In some applications, they can be used as an alternative to wire rope clips for light duty applications.

How to Use Wire Rope Clips?

How to Use Wire Rope Clips?

Please remember a well-known saying first, it helps you to remember how to install wire rope clips, ''Never saddle a dead horse''.

1. please apply the first clip to the wire rope, while ensuring that the wire rope clip is a saddle away from the dead end.

2. Use a U bolt to fix the dead end, the saddle should be placed on the live end, make sure the nut is clean and not lubricated, then tighten the two nuts evenly to achieve the recommended torque, it is best to alternate to ensure the force is even, use the torque wrench to help achieve the recommended torque required to maintain the load. Over-tightening the nuts will make the wire rope permanently kink and lead to future failures.

3. next apply the second clip as close to the thimble as possible, please note that the direction of each clip is the same, U bolt is on the dead end, and saddle is to be placed on the live end.

4. if you want to apply 3 or more clips, please space them evenly, in the same direction, the space between each clip is at least 6 times the diameter of the wire rope.

5. tighten all the nuts.

6. apply a load to the assembly to test, the load should be equal to or greater than the load you expect your assembly to withstand, apply the load while checking, and tighten or retighten the clips as needed, make sure it is safe and then you can use it.

How to Choose Wire Rope Clips?

Confirm the environment you are using

Some wire rope clips are more suitable for outdoor use and some are not. If you are going to use them outdoors, in the wind and sun, or even in or near corrosive, saltwater environments, then stainless steel wire rope clips are the most suitable. 

If it is a heavier load

Then you need to use strong wire rope clips, forged>cast>stamped.

Have an expert check

Perhaps you can hire an engineer or experienced expert to help you choose the right wire rope clips.

Choose supplier

Choose a reliable rigging hardware supplier to ensure the quality of the product.

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