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Types of Lifting Sling

How to Choose the Right Lifting Sling?


Calculate the weight of the load to be lifted and determine the appropriate pattern factor.


Check the lifting sling carefully for defects and damage before use, if there is any damage, stop using it immediately and replace it with a new lifting sling


Ensure that the specifications, markings, etc. on the lifting sling are correct through traceable labelling

About Flat Webbing Sling

About Flat Webbing Sling

The Flat Webbing Sling is dense and robust, but still flexible enough to accommodate the load being lifted. this flexibility makes nylon a good choice for delicate or finished equipment that must be handled with care.

But Flat Webbing Sling also has disadvantages, for example, it is stretchy and so may not be suitable for certain applications. It also absorbs liquids, so if Flat Webbing Sling comes into contact with acids, this can affect its strength.

If your job requires a less flexible lifting sling, then the polyester round sling we have described above may make a good choice, with a stretch rating of only 3-5% compared to the Flat webbing sling's stretch of 6-8%.

Advantages of Polyester Round Sling


Compared to chain sling and wire rope sling, the polyester round sling is more cost effective and extremely cost efficient.


Although affordable, the polyester round sling has exceptional strength as it is made from continuous strands of polyester fibre.

Flexibility and Low Stretch

The flexibility of polyester round sling allows it to adapt to the contours of different loads and to hold the goods better. Compared to nylon webbing sling, the polyester round sling is less stretchy, which prevents the sling from locking up the load during lifting.

Strong and Durable

polyester does not absorb water and is exceptionally resistant to mould and mildew. The sheathing protects the load-bearing core from dirt, grease and UV degradation and also provides protection for the load from damage.

Colour-coded Jackets

Each round sling comes with its own identification label stating the specification, type and capacity, as well as the respective colour, making it easy to identify the weight class.

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