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Build Your Own Pool-A Very Important Step

The Build:

This part is not necessarily that difficult.  It is a matter of bolting the panels together in the right locations and installing all the proper bracing.  The hard part comes when it is time to level them.  Again this is where a good dig comes into play.  I have seen digs that were so spot on that very little had to be done in order to get them level.  On the other hand, I have seen digs that were so far off of where they needed to be that the crew had to spend an entire afternoon leveling the pool.  I have seen this part of the build done a couple of different ways.  Typically the walls will be completely put together before leveling the pool.  Then using wooden blocks and shims the panels are brought to the correct height.  I have also seen crews use pavers to level their pools.  In this case, they would put down a paver and get it level and then set the panel on top of it.  I suppose either way works, but to me, it makes more sense to build the walls first and then level them.  It seems that leveling pavers first just adds more work because even after the walls were finished being built they went back and double-checked the levelness of all the panels anyway.  I have never been one to tell someone how to build a pool, I just know what works best for me.  Once the walls are level, and square and all the plumbing has been ran, then it is time to pour the concrete footing or collar.  After the collar is poured I always double-check the levelness just because in some cases the weight of the concrete can cause the panels to sink a bit.  Once the wall panels are level I always straightened the walls.  The best way to do this is to use turnbuckle braces.

There are two types of turnbuckles for your reference.

No.1  Forged Turnbuckle with plain ends


Build Your Own Pool-A Very Important StepBuild Your Own Pool-A Very Important Step

This forged turnbuckle with plain ends is made of superior forged carbon steel, has been drop forged and ROHS  (CR3+ Plating ), is used for inground Pool Kit or Wall Brace.

No.2  Galvanized Turnbuckle with Flat end

Build Your Own Pool-A Very Important StepBuild Your Own Pool-A Very Important Step

This galvanized turnbuckle with a flat end, the body is made of superior malleable iron,  Plain ends are made of superior mild steel, been Electric galvanized.

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