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About The Connection Of Fixed Stainless Steel Wire Rope Thimble And Rope Clip

1. About the orientation of the rope clip during installation.

It is clamped on the main rope side of the stainless steel wire rope, and the U-shaped bolt is buckled on the tail end side of the stainless steel wire rope.

2. The minimum number of wire rope clip used.

When rope clip are used to fix the wire rope, different rope clip are needed to ensure the connection tension, corresponding to different wire rope diameters.

3. The spacing of the wire rope clip is 6~7 times the diameter of the wire rope.

4. Tightening operation when fixing with wire rope clip.

In order to increase friction and reduce slip, the inner wall of the rope clip seat is engraved with grooves, and the rotation direction of the grooves should match the twist direction of the strands of the stainless steel wire rope. When the wire rope clip are clamped, the rope clip closest to the thimble is tightened first, and then the other rope clip are tightened in turn. Tighten again after being loaded once or twice.

5. Maximum bearing capacity of heavy-duty thimbles

According to the standard, the maximum bearing capacity of heavy-duty thimbles shall not be lower than the minimum breaking force of round strand wire rope with nominal tensile strength of 1870MPa. That is to say, even if the stainless steel wire rope with higher strength grade (1960 or 2060) is adopted, the overall performance may not be improved. At the same time, it should be noted that the thimble is also in contact with the pin shaft or shackle shaft connected with it, and the proper shaft diameter has a great influence on the overall strength. According to the actual performance calculation of the thimble provided by the manufacturer.

6. Other details

The rope can be tied with iron wire or sintered to prevent loose strands.

In order to visually observe whether the wire rope fixed by the rope clip is loose or not, a rope clip can be added at the tail, and the wire rope between adjacent rope clips is in a slack and protruding state. If the connected wire rope slips when in use, this section of wire rope will tighten, which is convenient for observation.

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