Stainless Turnbuckles

A turnbuckle is a device for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tensioning systems. It normally consists of two threaded eye bolts, one screwed into each end of a small metal frame, one with a left-hand thread and the other with a right-hand thread. The tension can be adjusted by rotating the frame, which causes both eye bolts to be screwed in or out simultaneously, without twisting the eye bolts or attached cables.
China LG Supply offers turnbuckles to fit various marine, industrial and architectural projects. They feature jaws, eyes, hooks, studs, toggles and open or closed body styles. These turnbuckles are made from stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability. Lightweight with a higher heavy duty breaking strength, these jaw turnbuckles are instrumental throughout the marine rigging industry.

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