Stainless Shackles

Shackles are the one of the most used rigging fittings. Our stainless steel bow shackles with safety pins are better for safety as they cannot come loose accidentally. We can provide screw pin bow shackle such as g-209 bow shackle, commercial bow shackle. And it’s important to note that screw pin d shackles should only be used for straight line applications. The square head trawling shackles commonly used in the marine industry for trawling purposes.
Stainless steel snap shackles have a quick release pin and a fixed eye, suitable for numerous applications in highly corrosive marine environments. Our swivel shackles rotate 360°.
Stainless steel shackles are great for marine or high humidity applications. Shackles must always be inspected for wear, distortion and damage before use. If the pin or bow is worn, distorted or damaged, discard the shackle.

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