Stainless Hooks & Clips

Our stainless steel hooks & clips is made by AISI304 or AISI316, has excellent strength with superior rust resistance.
Stainless steel bolt snaps can be used outdoors or in a marine environment. Stainless steel harness clips suitable for a wide range of marine and everyday applications. Swivel eye hook features a removable safety latch and is load rated for overhead lifting. Stainless steel eye slip hook can easily hooked up to shackles, eyes or chain tied loads. S-hooks shaped like the letter s, are a quick, easy and safe way to connect chains from the towed vehicle to the towing vehicle. Long arm s hook, also called a “u” hook, have a straight longer arm at the bottom, these can be used for suspending & hanging, marine rigging, display & many other uses. Spring gate snap hook, also known as a tack hook. Our range of din5299 snap hook is available in standard as well as customized sizes.

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