Stainless Eye Bolts & Nuts

Our eye bolts are made of stainless steel, which is often used in marine applications for its increased resistance to chloride corrosion. However, their strength and corrosion protection also makes them desirable for a wide range of environments.
DIN standard including din580 lifting eye bolts and din582 lifting nuts. Shoulder eye bolts can be used for either straight line or angular pulls. G279 eye bolts are used for lifting equipment that has pre-tapped holes. Lag eye bolts have wood screw threads, are excellent for a number of applications both inside and outside. Stainless steel eye nuts are commonly used in shade structures, wire balustrade, architectural rigging, wire rope, marine and general purpose applications. Others you can find below.
We manufacture eye bolts in regular sizes. Apart from this, we can also custom manufacture a wide range of eye bolts, available in forged, carbon steel, stainless steel and self colored size and coating.

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