Shackle are the one of the most used rigging fittings. Because the pins are removable, they are used to make connections to slings, rope, cable, etc. In the category of steel fittings, China LG Supply offers a variety standard and types of shackle, also available in stainless steel shackles.
Bow shackle have a large rounded shape that allows them to take loads from many directions. Dee shackles intended for use in straight line pulls or lifts only. And a bolt type shackle is a better choice in permanent or long-term applications. Grade 80 bolt type shackle are most commonly used for lifting applications. AS2741 grade s bow shackle providing connections to chain, wire rope and other rated fittings. Commercial shackle are easily identified by the pin and body material being manufactured from the same diameter. BS-3032 small bow shackle have a screwed collared pin. This popular shackle is used throughout various industries in the UK and beyond. And the trawling shackle are commonly used in the marine industry for trawling purposes during fishing expeditions.