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Classification and Use of Common Hardware for Overhead Transmission Lines

Pole line hardware made of iron, aluminum or aluminum alloy is widely used in electric power lines. The equipment and conductors, conductors and conductors, and the connection of transmission line conductors and insulators in power distribution devices of step-up and step-down substations are strung together. Metal (iron, aluminum or aluminum alloy) accessories used for the protection of conductors and insulators are called power fittings. Electrical fittings are mainly metal accessories that connect and combine various devices in the power system and play a role in transmitting mechanical load, electrical load and some kind of protection. Among them, the power fittings used for overhead transmission lines are called line fittings, which are used for the connection between conductors, insulators, insulators and towers, and insulators and conductors on overhead transmission lines. It must have sufficient mechanical strength and flexibility in assembly and operation.

There are many kinds of transmission fittings with different uses, for example, various clamps for installing conductors, various hanging rings for forming insulator strings, various crimping pipes for connecting conductors, repair pipes for splitting conductors, various types of spacer rods for splitting conductors, etc. In addition, there are various cable-pulling fittings for towers and towers, which are related to the size of protective conductors, and must cooperate with each other. According to the main performance and use of the hardware, the line hardware can be roughly divided into suspension clamps, tension clamps, connecting hardware, protective hardware, connecting hardware and cable-pulling hardware.

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