Turnbuckles(aka Rigging Screw, Straining Screw) are used in rigging to join wire-rope or cable to an anchor point or other length of wire. They have a screw thread for precise length and tension adjustment. Most turnbuckles are forged or cast form stainless steel or low carbon steel. Turnbuckles are normally used for rigging or tensioning of wires, ropes, rods etc, designed for straight or in-line rigging, tensioning or lashing only.
We offer a wide range of turnbuckles including: open body turnbuckles and closed body turnbuckles. Turnbuckles come with a variety of end fittings: stub end, eye and eye, hook and hook, jaw and jaw, jaw and eye.
How a turnbuckle works is to first unscrew the end fittings all the way out and take care not to screw them too far (inside the ends of the turnbuckle body). Then attach each end of the turnbuckle to the work pieces. Be sure that the end fittings cannot turn. Then turn the turnbuckle body. One end fitting has left hand threads and the other has right hand threads. Turning the body will draw both end fittings in simultaneously and tension will be applied.

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