G70 Transport Chain

Grade 70 transport chain is an alloy steel tie down chain, used for cargo control, tie down application, offers 25% more strength than grade 43 log chain, as the heat-treated carbon steel is more durable for stabilizing large loads. If you are looking for a chain to provide a light, yet strong chain for binding, tie-downs, towing and construction use, G70 chain is what you are looking for.
Chain Anchors, fitted with pear ring, delta ring and grab hook, attach to engine cranes, load binders for all kinds of lifting, pulling and securing applications; made by heavy duty steel, zinc plated steel resists rust and corrosion.
Our basic safety chains are made from high-quality steel and are grade 30 certified. We equip each chain with sturdy S-hooks for reliable coupling to your vehicle. Attach the middle link of this zinc-coated steel chain to your trailer’s coupler, and then hook the S-hooks to your hitch.

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