Wire rope thimbles are used in wire rope assemblies to keep an eye from being crushed. When a wire rope assembly is terminated with an eye or loop at the end, a cable thimble is inserted to form the eye of the loop before the rope is secured. Steel thimbles (or stainless steel thimbles in high corrosive environments), offer added protection from wear and tear of direct contact and deformation of the eye, extending the service life of the Wire Rope or Wire Rope Sling.
Our wire rope thimbles are best in quality standards and available in many sizes. DIN 6899a & g411 thimble, widely used for light duty rigging applications, heavy duty thimble g414, din6899b, tube thimble is easy to install, gusseted tube thimble is a perfect addition to increase the integrity of your winch line. Manila thimbleround thimbles have been designed to replace blocks in applications where the line passing through the centre is not constantly moving, synthetic rope thimble can use in the marine towing industry, and the K2K2-BK3K15 Thimbles are ideal for outdoor applications.

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