Stainless Terminals

Toggle Terminals are commonly used in shade structures, wire balustrade, architectural rigging, wire rope, marine, and general purpose applications. This highly polished stainless steel jaw/fork terminal is perfect for applications such as balustrading or suspended systems. Stainless Eye Terminals are designed to attach to stainless steel wire rope and a range of stainless steel fixtures and fittings. Stainless Steel Swage Stud Threaded Terminals provide tensioning for your cables. They can be used in any type of end post: wood posts, aluminum or steel and are good for indoor or outdoor applications. Our Stainless Steel Deck Toggle are Perfect for face-mounting to buildings or wooden post applications. Dome head end fitting to be swaged or crimped onto stainless steel wire rope. Extra Long Swage Stud Terminal with  and Hex Nut often used on large size of wood Post.

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