Stainless Swivels

A swivel is a connection that allows the connected object, to rotate horizontally or vertically. A common design for a swivel is a cylindrical rod that can turn freely within a support structure. Another common design is a sphere that is able to rotate within a support structure. A third design is a hollow cylindrical rod that has a rod that is slightly smaller than its inside diameter inside of it.
Stainless steel swivels are corrosion resistant and have a welded nut pivot bolt, This robust swivel is suitable for a large variety of applications such as marine and architectural. The stainless steel swivels perfect for a wide range of suspension & tensioning applications requiring 360 degree rotation, making them ideal for various marine and industrial rigging applications. Our stainless steel swivels are best in quality standards and available in many sizes, include Eye & Eye Swivel, Jaw & Eye Swivel, Jaw& Jaw Swivel, Trawling Flexble Swivels, G401 Swivel, G402 Swivel, G403 Swivel, and available in carbon steels.

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