Polyester Round Slings

These round slings are made up with a seamless outer polyester cover and a core produced from a continuous hank of high-tenacity polyester. Polyester, non load bearing, seamless cover form the protective cover around the hank hence it is almost impossible to damage the internal load bearing fibers without first damaging the cover layer. They are softer than duplex slings and kinder to delicate surfaces. They are colour coded to instantly identify the working limit plus also have one stitched stripe per tonne for additional identification. This sling is ideal for lifting, towing or pulling, can be used in cargo handling, drilling equipment, heating units, industrial, logging and etc.
We provide you polyester 1ton, 2ton, 3ton, 4ton, 5ton, 6ton, 8ton, 10ton round slings, and eye & eye round slings. We can also supply other strength and sizes round slings to meet customers operational requirements and applications, the safety factor from 5:1 to 8:1 are available.

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