2" Ratchet Straps

Most 2″ ratchet straps are made of polyester to minimize weathering, damage and corrosion. Polyester is a high-strength, low-cost material that resists abrasion and is the right choice of webbing when producing 2″ ratchet straps. 2″ ratchet straps are most useful in heavy-duty ,ratchet straps work effectively by ratcheting down tightly over a load,there are specifically designed to hold loads in place on trucks, trailers, rail cars, ships and other freight carriers.
A variety of available hardware fittings also makes 2″ ratchet straps incredibly versatile. Options include flat hooks, snap hooks, twist snap hooks, wire hooks, grab hooks, d-rings, and chain are some of the end fittings that ratchet straps use to secure the your cargo. Endless ratchet straps with no end fittings, and self-contained ratchet straps are also available. We can also customize ratchet straps with the hardware you need, or using different colored webbing, or different widths of webbing.

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