1" Ratchet Straps

1" Ratchet Straps

All of our 1″ ratchet straps are manufactured with polyester webbing, which offers high strength, and resistance to water absorption and damage from the sun’s UV rays, even with repeated outdoor exposure. Each strap is securely stitched around the ratchet appliance and end fitting. Straps are available with wire hooks and s-hooks, or you can choose an endless strap for your ratchet tie-downs. Although 1″ straps are sometimes referred to as small ratchet straps or light-duty ratchet straps, the polyester webbing offers break strengths ranging from 3,500 to 4,500 lbs.
Ratchet straps can be used deployed on flatbed trucks, trailer vans, almost anywhere you can use a tie down. Strap down truck, trailer, rail car or other cargo carrier loads with confidence.
We can also customize small ratchet straps with the hardware you need, or using different colored webbing, or different widths of webbing, such as 1.5″ ratchet straps, 2″ ratchet straps, etc.

  • 1″ Ratchet Straps w/S Hook

    • Size(inch):                           1”
    • Breaking Strength(Kg/Lbs): 800-1000/1760-2200
    • Hook:                                   S Hook
    • Webbing;                             Color:Yellow/Orange/Blue/Red
  • 1″ Ratchet Straps w/Double J Hook

    • Material: polyester
    • Universal double wire J-hooks
    • Zinc coated hardware for longevity
    • Manufactured to EN12195-2 AS/NZS4380 lashing capacity 800kg max.
  • 1” Endless Ratchet Straps Tie Down

    • Size:1″(25mm)
    • Webbing Color: Black, Green, Red
    • Ratchet Straps Break Strength:800KGs/1500KGs
    • Ratchet:Stainless Steel Wide Handle Ratchet