G80 Links, Rings

Alloy Master Link is designed for both single and multiple leg slings. is great for overhead lifting, picking, placing, and towing applications.  Pear Shaped Links may be used for the same applications as oblong master links. G80 Forged D-Rings are considered heavy-duty, being much stronger because they are formed from solid steel with no seam or break. G80 Round Rings the rounded inner surface minimizes rope bend and allows smooth movement of the rope. G80 Connecting Link provide fast, easy assembly without the need for special tools. Designed for attaching hooks, master links and other fittings to Grade 80 alloy steel chains. G80 Omega Links are commonly used in conjunction with recessed Head Rings and Chain for Chain Slings. G80 Clevis Pear Shaped Reeving Links can be reeved through each other and are ideal for collar chains, can also be used for an end link.

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