G100 Hooks

G100 Hooks are made by forged or welded super alloy steel, manufactured to high safety standards, suitable for use with g100 chain. They are powder coated, giving them increased corrosion resistance. With a higher wear-resistance due to increased hardness, there is increased durability with G100 chain and fittings. There is a 25% higher load capacity over Grade 80 with G100. Our g100 hooks are individually proof test at 2.5 times working load limit, 100% magnaflux crack detection, and all have strict break load test. All load pin are 100% individually inspected and tested. Grab hooks designed as shortening hooks in choke applications and for slings that must not tighten. Self- locking hook offers greater safety than a latch hook, these automatically close and lock under load. Requires load to be grounded before load can be released.

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