Our Steel Chains, side welded and in a variety of protective finishes, are manufactured to International standards & are suitable for all general purpose, engineering, industrial, agricultural and marine applications.
Every grade of chain has different uses and applications, but can generally be separated into three main categories: overhead lifting chain, transport chain, and other welded industrial chain types. Only grade 80 chain, grade 100 chain, and grade 120 chain is approved for overhead lifting. Grade 70 transport chain is excellent for use as load securement and tie down applications. Grade 43 chain and grade 30 chain are good options for tie down applications often used in the agriculture, construction, and trucking industries. We also carry Australia standard grade L chain and grade 70 chain, DIN standard chain like din763 long link chain, din766 short link chain, it also available in Stainless Steel. You can found weldless chain in our catalogue, such as double loop chain and sash chain.

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