Chain binders

Chain Binder or Load Binder, these two terms are used interchangeably. A chain tensioning device used to bind, clamp, anchor or tie down large cargo loads for transport is what a binder is. Our range of ratchet load binder is available in standard as well as customized sizes.
Ratchet Binder device uses a ratcheting action to tension chain and secure cargo. It provides powerful load binding and the ratcheting motion of the binder easily draws the ends together, providing maximum tension with minimal effort. We also carry AS4344 ratchet load binder, EN12195-3 g80 ratchet load binder. Lever Load Binder device uses a leverage action to tighten and secure loads. With a tension hook on each end, this binder requires more strength to tighten than ratchet binders. Hand wheel load binder can be used as wire rope accessory or chain accessory in offshore oil engineering, lifting tugboat and other extreme environment. Tension Lashing Lever is used for the binding of containers, vehicles and other goods in the process of shipping.

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