How to select wire rope clips?

How to select wire rope clips?


Wire rope clips may also be referred to as Wire Rope Clamps, Cable Clamps, Wire Clamps, Wire Clips, U-Bolts or other local terms. These typically all refer to the same group of products.
Wire Rope Clips are used to form a load bearing eye at the end of a wire rope/cable and to connect two cables together using a lap splice.
China LG Supply carries a variety of wire rope clips in different materials, styles, and coating types. These wire rope clips are suited for less than permanent applications. They can be secured with common hand tools and are a cost effective alternative to swaged sleeves, if you only have to make a few assemblies.
There are 3 types of Wire Rope Clips Materials: 316 Stainless Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanized, and Malleable Zinc Plated.
Stainless Wire Rope Clip SS-450
  • Most Corrosion Resistant
  • Best for outdoor applications as they are highly resistant to corrosion, especially in or near saltwater environments.

Drop Forged Wire Rope Clips G450 to US.Fed.Spec.

  • Lower cost than stainless steel
  • Suited for outdoor environments.
  • Not as corrosion resistant as stainless steel wire rope clips.

  • May be used outdoors, but may exhibit signs of surface rust quicker than Hot Dipped Galvanized wire rope clips; especially if used in rain, snow, salt air, or saltwater environments.
Styles of Wire Rope Clips: Traditional, Fist Grip, Drop Forged, Cast, Malleable, Single Stamped Cable Clamp, and Double Stamped Cable Clamp
Composed of three different parts: The saddle, the u-bolt, and nuts.
Composed of only the saddles and nuts. The saddles are mirrored on this type of clip so there is no need for a u-bolt and provides unique advantages during installation.
Drop Forging
Drop Forged VS Cast Maufacturing
Drop Forging is the process of heating and hammering steel to the shape desired. This allows the steel’s grain structure to be consistent and conform to the shape of the forged item. Cast and malleable wire rope clips may fracture under heavy use due to the steel’s random grain structure created during manufacturing.

Drop Forged Wire Rope Clips G450 to US.Fed.Spec. Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips

China LG Supply’s Drop Forged Traditional Style and Fist Grip Style wire rope clips are the strongest and most durable type of clips that we offer.
These clips are the best choice in critical suspending, guying, and tie-down applications.

Stainless Wire Rope Clip SS-450 

Best used in applications that do not involve overhead suspending and are non critical.
Cost effective alternative to drop forged wire rope clips.

Slightly less reliability than drop forged wire rope clips due to the difference in manufacturing processes.

These cable clamps are also known as Simplex and Duplex Cable clips/clamps and are composed of the saddle, top plate, and bolts.

Stainless Steel Simplex Wire Rope Clip Aisi316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clip

They can be used as an alternative to wire rope clips in some applications.
Most cost effective stainless steel option.
Suitable for light duty applications.
Double clamps are capable of holding a little more load than the single clamp.

Feature an aesthetic design that some customers use as the deciding factor when given the choice between using a wire rope clip or cable clamp.

How to Size Wire Rope Clips and Cable Clamps to Wire Rope/Cable
An important aspect of purchasing and assembling these items for your project is to properly size the wire rope clips to the cable. This will help insure that you have a safe and secure assembly.
Regular, Uncoated Cable

Uncoated Cable

Size the clip to the size of the cable used.

If you are using ¼” cable, use a ¼” clip

Vinyl Coated Cable

IMPORTANT: The working load limit of the cable assembly will decrease if the vinyl coating is not stripped from the cable. This occurs because the saddle and u-bolt are making contact with the soft and pliable vinyl coating and not the wire rope, which may cause slippage in the assembly and can lead to failure. It is also important to note that different companies size vinyl coated cable differently. China LG Supply lists vinyl coated cable by the cable diameter without the coating. The vinyl coating adds a little thickness to the cable. We have the finished/ final diameter of the cable with the coating listed on our website.

Vinyl Coated Cable

Size the clip to the vinyl coating diameter of the cable used.
If you are using a 3/16″ cable, coated to ¼” final diameter, use a ¼” clip.

Or, to insure a safer assembly, you can strip the vinyl coating and follow the sizing rules below.

Stripped Vinyl Coated Cable

Stripped Vinyl Coated Cable

Size the clip to the size of the cable used.
Same rules as if using regular, uncoated cable.

If you are using ¼” cable, use a ¼” clip

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