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QINGDAO LG RIGGING CO., BPK. , wat kortweg CHINA LG SUPPLY genoem word, is geleë in die grootste produksiebasis vir hardwareware - Shandong, China. Ons het ISO9001-kwaliteitsbestuur en SGS-kwaliteitsbestuur verwerf.
Met meer as 15 jaar ervaring in die tuigproduksie, het China LG Supply 'n lang tradisie van uitstekende diens, mededingende pryse en 'n sterk verbintenis tot gehalte.

Benewens die produkte wat in ons katalogus getoon word, bied ons 'n volledige reeks treilgereedskap, mariene hardeware, hef- en riggereedskap en alle verwante produkte. Ons volledige reeks hefoplossings is aangepas volgens u individuele behoeftes.
90% van ons produkte word na Duitsland, Australië, die VSA, Italië, Swede en ander Europese en Amerikaanse markte uitgevoer.

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Ratchet Straps Web Lashing EN 12195-2

Ratchet Straps Web Lashing EN 12195-2


Ratchet straps are an important player in securing cargo for transport, and once you understand how to use them you’ll be wondering why you ever used anything else. They hold their tension with a built-in tensioner device and have rated weight capacities that make them a reliable and safe tie down choice.

EN 12195-2 Ratchet Straps

The web lashings made from man-made fibres according to the EN 12195-2 standard are a commonly used equipment for the cargo lashing. By means of the traction action obtained through a manual tensioning device, the web lashings hold the load by increasing the friction forces, in the case of the frictional lashing, or directly, in the case of the direct lashing.

The formulas contained in the EN 12195-1 standard require, for the calculation of lashing, the specific parameters for web lashing according to the EN 12195-2 standard. Therefore, the use of web lashings not approved according to this standard does not allow the calculation of the lashing according to the EN 12195-1 standard, and ultimately does not allow to comply with the cargo securing requirements in case of technical roadside inspections introduced by the Directive 2014/47/EU on the technical roadside inspection of the roadworthiness of commercial vehicles circulating in the Union.

The current edition of EN 12195-2 is the 2004 edition.


Web lashings main features

Web lashings usually consist of two branches with a manual ratchet on the short branch. The ends of the web lashings belts can have different types of hooks or rings, to properly fix the lashing in or on lashing points on the vehicle or on the cargo.

The ratchet shall always be manually operated, without the aid of levers or other mechanical devices, and shall be blocked during transport.

Some lashings are equipped with a built in tension indicator, for an immediate visual check of the tension force reached following the action on the ratchet.

The image below, present on the Würth website at this address, shows a typical example of a web lashing for cargo securing.

Ratchet Straps Web Lashing EN 12195-2

Typical web lashing for the cargo securing, image taken from the Würth online catalog

Web lashing label

Web lashings approved according to the EN 12195-2 standard are provided with a label describing the technical specifications, as shown in the example below.

Ratchet Straps Web lashing label according to EN 12195-2 standard
Ratchet Straps web lashing label according to EN 12195-2 standard

The content of the label is of fundamental importance for the correct selection and use of the web lashing. Below is a brief description of the main parameters contained on the label.

Web lashing strength

LC: lashing capacity. It is the maximum allowed force, expressed in daN, that the lashing device is designed to sustain in use. This is the parameter required to calculate the securing of the cargo in case of direct lashing, according to the provisions of the EN 12195-1 standard.

SHF: standard hand force of a lashing. It is the load, expressed in daN, which represents the maximum action that can be performed manually on the tensioning device. In practice, it is the maximum force, corresponding to about 50 kg, with which an operator can act on the ratchet to tension the lashing.

STF: standard tension force. Residual force after physical release of the handle of the tensioning device after an action equal to SHF = 50 daN. This is the parameter that is used to calculate the securing of the cargo when frictional lashing is used, according to the provisions of the EN 12195-1 standard. The higher the value of the STF parameter, the greater the lashing performance of the equipment. In fact, with the same action on the ratchet, equal to 50 daN, a web lashing with a higher STF value guarantees a greater residual tension than a web lashing with a lower STF value. Web lashings that do not have the STF parameter shown on the label shall not be used for frictional lashing, but can only be used for direct lashing.

Web lashing material

The color of the label represents the material of the fiber:

  • Blue: web made of PES, polyester. It is a material resistant to mineral acids, but subject to alkali attacks.
  • Green: web made of PA, polyamide. It is a material potentially immune to the effects of alkalis, but subject to attack by mineral acids.
  • Brown: web made of rete di PP, polypropylene. It is a material that is not subject to the attack of acids and alkalis, therefore more suitable than polyamide and polyester lashings for use in environments requiring high resistance to chemical agents

Recommendations for the correct use of web lashings

Web lashings represent are a valid method for the securing of the cargo, as they are versatile, they adapt to loads of different shapes and sizes and allow various lashing configurations to be adopted. However, for correct use and to ensure safety during transport, some simple but essential rules must be observed:

  • Web lashings shall be approved according to the EN 12195-2 standard and the information contained on the label must be legible;
  • The minimum number of lashings to be used, based on the specifications, shall be calculated according to the formulas contained in the EN 12195-1 standard;
  • Web lashings shall not show signs of weakening, such as tears, lacerations, or signs of wear. Similarly, the hooks at the ends of the belt shall not show any deformation. The belt shown in the photo below is damaged and shall not be used.
EN 12195-2 Example of a damaged web lashing
Example of a damaged web lashing
  • Web lashings shall not be used if knotted;
  • Web lashings shall be protected from contact with sharp corners of the load or of the vehicle, as this could damage the lashings causing them to break. In this regard, corner protectors shall be used, which among other things allow to reduce the friction between the belt and the load, ensuring a more uniform distribution of tension on all the branches of the belt. In addition, the corner protectors hold the belt in place and allow it to be used even on irregularly shaped loads;
  • As far as possible, it is advisable to periodically check the state of tension of the web lashings during transport and, if necessary, to restore them by the driver. Small settlements and vibrations could in fact cause a decrease in the tension of the web lashings limiting their effectiveness, especially in case of frictional lashing.



If you need help determining the right assembly or size for your application, e-mail our specialists at for assistance.  🙂

How To Choose Fishing Net Float?

How To Choose Fishing Net Float?


Fishing with floating ball, such as EVA, PVC, EPS, PE material, the product adopts the high quality material, variety, complete specifications, the product have a spherical or oval, cylindrical and square plate, such as more than one hundred kinds of specifications, widely used in the net, a gill, cages and fish, as well as for decorative, protective, isolation, floating, marking, etc.

♦ PVC fishing net float

PVC floating ball is a traditional product, widely used in fishing, shallow sea aquaculture and other industries, is PVC closed cell foamed plastic, can be used on water and underwater, strong corrosion resistance, smooth surface, not easy to attach to Marine algae organisms, with reinforcing ring at both ends to increase wear resistance, light weight, large buoyancy, high cost performance.


PVC Fishing Net Floats for Commercial FishingPVC Fishing Net Floats for Commercial FishingPVC Fishing Net Floats for Commercial FishingPVC Fishing Net Floats for Commercial FishingPVC Fishing Net Floats for Commercial FishingPVC Fishing Net Floats for Commercial FishingPVC Fishing Net Floats for Commercial FishingPVC Fishing Net Floats for Commercial FishingPVC Fishing Net Floats for Commercial Fishing


♦ EVA fishing net float

EVA floating ball is especially suitable for large-scale Seine operation at sea. Its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, America, Africa and Europe, etc., and are well received by customers. It has become one of the main production bases of floating ball series in Asia and enjoys a high reputation among customers at home and abroad.

EVA float balls are widely used in deep-sea fishing, deep-sea aquaculture and other industries, especially suitable for large-scale Seine operation in the far sea. At present, developed countries in the world such as Europe, America, South Korea and Japan are using such products. Its characteristics are: high content of science and technology, small bubble pore, uniform; The surface of the floating ball is smooth, and it is not easy for Marine algae to attach and grow, which can reduce the resistance of floating in the water. Stable and reliable performance, can withstand high pressure and pressure sudden change, excellent resilience, wear resistance, tensile strength, lengthen the service cycle, reduce the user’s use cost.

  EVA Fishing Net Floats for Commercial Fishing China manufacturerEVA Fishing Net Floats for Commercial Fishing China manufacturer


♦ EPS fishing net float

The material of this product is made of compressed foam particles, which is anti-rot, anti-freeze, anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet material. It is not eroded by sea water, chemicals, agents, oil stains and aquatic organisms. It does not damage the environment and is a supporting product for cage culture.

The surface of buoy adopts reasonable design, safe and stable, circular shape to avoid installation difficulties. High bearing capacity, stable, durable, single float bearing capacity in 170-300kg or more. The service life of this product is at least 8-10 years, in addition to the strong natural force and artificial improper use, almost no need to spend any maintenance, repair costs. Simple assembly, fast, flexible, diverse modeling, the overall use of module structure, can meet the needs of various conditions, quickly change the platform modeling; The cost is reasonable, economical, from the long-term point of view, can save a large number of maintenance, maintenance, replacement, overhaul costs and time. This product can also add related supporting equipment, such as bollard guardrail, landing side bridge, etc., can berthing ships of various sizes; And because of the buoyancy characteristics of the floating platform, it can rise and fall automatically with the water level.


EPS float ball is widely used in aquaculture industry, is an excellent substitute for PE float ball. Features are: easy to small, water and underwater can be used, plasticity, low production cost, large buoyancy (100~300Kg), anti-aging, long service cycle.


EPS Fishing Net Floats for Commercial FishingEPS Fishing Net Floats for Commercial Fishing


♦ PE fishing net float

PE floating ball shell is made of 100% medium and low density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene floating body is made of advanced rolling molding process. The product is formed once without welding seam, fully closed, corrosion resistant, impact resistant, no leakage and cracking concern, and is filled with polyurethane closed foam inside. Product buoyancy, even if the shell is damaged does not affect the use. It is mainly used for buoyancy support of river lake and ocean dredging pipeline. It is a substitute product for traditional steel buoy tip. Specific use, shape, model, specification, size, can be customized according to customer requirements.

PE floating ball product performance characteristics:

1, PE floating ball floating body has good toughness and excellent impact resistance, especially suitable for offshore construction.

2, PE floating ball floating weight is light, easy to install and handling, transportation and transfer cost is low.

3, PE floating ball floating body corrosion resistance, long life.

4, PE floating ball floating body price is low, the cost performance is obviously better than steel buoy.

Polyethylene Fishing Net Floats for Commercial Fishing



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Hoe installeer en gebruik U Bolt?

Hoe installeer en gebruik U Bolt?


'N U-bout is 'n U-vormige bout met twee skroefdraadarms wat vanaf 'n geboë of vierkantige basis strek. Die spesiale "U" -vorm van die bout bied U-boute ekstra stabiliteit.

'NU Boltis gewoonlik 'n tipe bevestigingsmiddel wat in besigheidskonstruksie gebruik word om enige skroefdraadstaaf of boutbykomstighede aan beton te heg. Nadat u dit geïnstalleer het, sal u nou vroulike drade in die bindmateriaal hê, met draadstang of boute.


Hoe om 'nU Bolt?

Volg hierdie vyf stappe om te verseker dat u U-bout korrek geïnstalleer is.

Stap 1: Verwyder die neute
Die U-bout sal waarskynlik met moere aan die skroefdraad geheg word. Begin deur die moere van elke kant van die bout af te haal.

Stap 2: Plaas die U-bout
Plaas die U-bout om die voorwerp wat u aan die balk of steun heg. Hierdie voorwerp is gewoonlik pype of buise.

Stap 3: Ondersoek u gate
Maak dan seker dat u behoorlik gate in die draagstruktuur boor. As u deur die balk geboor het, maak seker dat u die beskermende laag nie beskadig het nie. Krake in die laag kan tot roes rondom gate lei. In hierdie stadium is dit slim om die balk se oppervlak rondom gate aan te raak voordat u u boute byvoeg.

Stap 4: Ryg die bout deur
Druk die twee bouteindes deur die gate en ryg die moere aan elke punt van die U-bout.

Stap 5: maak die neute vas
Dit is goed om op te let dat die plaas van moere op 'n selfbeheersing anders sal wees as 'n gids. As u met 'n selfbeheersing werk, sal u die moere aan die onderkant van die balk moet draai.

Vir gidse wil u een moer aan die bokant van die balk plaas en een moer aan die onderkant. Hierdie moere laat die regte spasie tussen die leiding en U-bout toe.

Sodra u moere op hul plek is, begin u die moere eers met die hand vas te draai. Draai laastens die tweede moer van elke punt vas. Dit sal die U-bout op sy plek sluit. Gebruik dan 'n kraggereedschap of moersleutel om die moere vas te draai totdat dit veilig is.


Kyk gerus onder ons U-bout-seleksie van vlekvrye staal,

How to install and use U Bolt

Vlekvrye staal U-bout TPN-tipe met 2 plate en moere



Meer U-boute van vlekvrye staal


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Hoe om 'n skadu-seilstruktuur te beplan - installering van skadu-seil

Hoe om 'n skadu-seilstruktuur te beplan - installering van skadu-seil


Hoe om 'n skadu-seilstruktuur te beplan?

Sonskermseile kan op verskillende maniere geplaas word:

  1. Horisontaal, waar alle hoeke op dieselfde hoogte is;
  2. Vertikaal, soos 'n privaatheining;
  3. Skuins en hoeke met oorvleuelende seile;
  4. Of waar sommige hoeke hoog en ander laag is.


U het waarskynlik reeds 'n idee van wat u wil dek of wat u wil ontwerp. As u nog nie besluit het nie, is hier 'n paar idees vir 'n enkele of meervoudige ontwerp.



'N Horisontale seil kan vervelig wees om na te kyk, terwyl 'n heeltemal vertikale seil meer wind kan opvang en swaarder vragte kan lewer.

Die mees visueel aantreklike situasie is wanneer twee of meer skadu-seile gebruik word en die montage van die seile dramaties van hoek tot hoek verander.

Deur die hoogtepunte van meer as 3 voet te verander, is dit 'n pragtige voorkoms.

Voordat u dit installeer, moet u by die plaaslike owerhede navraag doen oor die tersaaklike bouregulasies wat daar is, en u moet ondergrondse dienste by die plaaslike nutsmaatskappye raadpleeg voordat u gate vir die ondersteuningsposte grawe.

Waar om die skadu-seil te plaas?

Voordat u met die installasie begin, is dit baie belangrik dat u die geskikste plek vir u skadu-seile oorweeg. Neem die volgende in ag:

  1. Grootte van die skadu-seil (s);
  2. Sterkte van bestaande strukture wat bedoel is om ankerpunte te wees;
  3. Vermoë om geskikte bevestigingspale in te sit;
  4. Ligging van braairoosters, vuurputte en ander hoë hittebronne;
  5. Sonrigting en paadjie dop;
  6. Tipiese en maksimum windsnelhede vir u omgewing.


Soek 'n geskikte ankerpunt vir elke hoek van die skadu-seil, soos hieronder aangedui. Dit moet sterk genoeg wees om die spanning van die skadu-seilmateriaal op te neem as dit gespanne is.
Ankerpunte kan wees:

  1. 'N Muur of sterk balk
  2. 'N Geskikte boom
  3. 'N Houtpaal van minstens 100 mm in deursnee.
  4. 'N Metaalpaal van minstens 48 mm in die grond.
  5. 'N Metaalpaal met 'n deursnee van minstens 48 mm is in 'n huls in die grond aangebring, soos 'n draai-wasgoedlyn.

Bevestigingspunte moet minstens 7 voet 10 sentimeter bo die grond wees, en dit is uiters belangrik dat dit voldoende sterk is om die windskerm se volle gewig te neem.

Die wind kan die spanning van die skadu-seil op enige bevestigingspunte aansienlik verhoog, dus dit is belangrik om seker te wees dat hulle die ekstra drag kan verduur.
NB: As u twyfel, moet u advies neem by 'n bouer of konstruksie-ingenieur.


As u poste moet installeer, moet dit 48 mm breed gegalvaniseerde staal wees wat 4 mm dik is (indien nodig kan dit maklik geverf word).

Pale moet minstens 10 grade van die middel van die skadu seil af wees om ekstra krag en stabiliteit te bied.

Die voetstukke vir skadu-seile tot 5 sentimeter moet 400 mm vierkantig en 800 mm diep wees, en dit moet verhoog word tot 400 mm x 1200 mm vir groter groottes.

Beton moet goed rondom die paal gepak wees en bo-op effens na buite skuins maak om te verseker dat water nie rondom die paal versamel nie. Dit moet minstens 48 uur gelaat word sodat dit heeltemal kan stol voordat u die skadu-seil heg. Ons beveel nie die gebruik van vinnige beton aan nie.
1. Vaste grond
Lê 'n 100 mm diep grind van 20 mm aan die onderkant van die paal. Voeg beton en stutpaal op die hoek.
2. Sagte grond
Giet 'n diepte van 100 mm aan die onderkant van die gat om 'n soliede kussing te bied. Laat dit toe om te stel. Voeg die gruis by die voetstuk. Voeg beton en stutpaal op die hoek.


Nadat u op 'n geskikte terrein besluit het, moet die skadu-seil in posisie op die grond neergelê word, wat 10% by elke hoek kan toelaat om te span.

Vir groter gapings benodig u dalk kabel van vlekvrye staal of soortgelyk om meer vaste bevestigingspunte te bereik.


As u besluit om 'n boom as vaste punt te gebruik, moet dit minstens 250 mm in deursnee wees.

Hoe om dit op te stel?

'N Paar moontlike kombinasies van bevestigingstoebehore

Verbind die seilskerm
Verbind die bevestigingstoebehore soos nodig aan u bevestigingspunte. Verseker dat alle bykomstighede na die middel van die seil gerig is en goed vas is.

Om u seilskerm aan te sluit, moet u eers die verstelbare bevestigingspunte aan die bevestigingspunte heg (om seker te maak dat dit na die middel van die seilskerm kyk), en dan die seilskerm hieraan vasmaak, met behulp van 'n bandtemsier om die seilskerm so styf moontlik te rek , vervang dit deur 'n draai-span vir finale spanning en verstelling.

Kyk gerus na onder ons skadu-seil hardeware keuse,

Belangrik: ten minste twee van die seil se bevestigingstoebehore moet spanwerk wees.

U kan 'n tou of ketting gebruik om u seil na 'n bevestigingspunt uit te skadu. Kies die bevestigingsbykomstighede wat die beste by u eie installasie pas.

Stainless Steel Commercial Turnbuckle Hook/Hook European frame type China manufacturer supplier

Trunbuckle : Om die skadu-seilhoekring aan 'n bevestigingspunt te heg en spanning op die skadu-seil te gee.

Stainless Steel D Shackle

boei : Gebruik dit om die skadu-seilhoek te koppel aan die oog of die oogbout.

Stainless Steel Diamond Pad Eye Plate

Kussenoog : Om skadu-seilhoekring aan 'n muur te heg in samewerking met D-boei.

s hook stainless steel

S haak : Gebruik om die skaduwee seilhoek te koppel om die oog of oogbout te slaan.

Plain Eye Bolt

Oog bout : Om die skadu-seilhoekring deur middel van 'n kokerbol, staalpaal of skuifsteun te heg.

Snap Hook DIN5299 Form C Stainless Steel

Kniphaak : Word gebruik om die skadu-seilhoek te koppel aan die oog of die tydelike gebruik.

Stainless Steel 304/316 Swage Jaw Terminal swage socket

Terminale : Ons bied 'n reeks terminale wat veilig, betroubaar is en wat geen gespesialiseerde swaai- of krimpgereedskap benodig nie.

Stainless Steel Rigging Screws Jaw To Swage Stud aisi 316 China manufacturer supplier

Rygskroewe : Rigging-skroewe is ontwerp om die drade in die pyp te verberg vir 'n beter, vaartbelynde voorkoms van u skadu-seilrigging, wat ontwerp is om aan 'n wye reeks vlekvrye staal-toebehore en toebehore, soos skroefoë en oogboute, vas te maak.

Shade Sail Hardware Kit Mounting Hardware Stainless Steel China manufacturer

Skadu-seil hardeware stel :

Driehoek-tipe stel bevat: 2 x draaiboute, 3 x oogklappe, 3 x karabynhaak, 12 x skroewe vir die bevestiging van oogplate;
Vierkantige stel bevat: 2 x draaigespen, 4 x oogklappe, 2 x karabynhaak, 16 x skroewe vir die bevestiging van oogplate.




Stuur 'n e-pos aan ons spesialiste as u hulp nodig het om die regte samestelling of grootte vir u aansoek te vir hulp. 🙂