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Qingdao LG Rigging Co.,Ltd. is located in the largest rigging hardwares production base – Shandong, China. With over 15 years experience in the lifting and rigging industry, extensive product knowledge and a team of staff who can help you with any advice you may need, we are your one stop shop for lifting & rigging products, and your general hardware needs.

Why deal with China LG Supply?


Expertise You will speak to a specialist with thorough knowledge of our products, and how to use them. Got a technical question or special order enquiry? No problem, our expert team are just a phone call or email away and ready to help you with any enquires you may have. Please see to our contacts page for full contact details.



The goods you purchase from LG Supply are manufactured from high quality materials and manufactured from experienced workers. We ensure adhere to strict quality control procedures and our products will go through multiple testing, quality checks, and additional finishing procedures before packing.



At present, our products include:

* Regular Rigging Hardware— Turnbuckles, Shackles, Cable Clips, Rope Thimbles, Swivels, Eye Bolt & Nut, Forged/Wire Hooks, Links, Welded/ Forged Rings, Chains, Stainless Steel Products, etc.

* Marine hardware— Anchor Chain, Turnbuckle, Wire Rope Clips, Thimbles, Lifting Hooks, Shackles, Lifting Chains, etc.

* Lifting Equipment— Lifting Hoist, Pulleys, Snatch Blocks, Lifting Chain, Lifting Clamps, Lifting Webbing Sling, Round Slings.Chain Slings, Wire Rope Slings, etc.

* Transport Accessories— G70/G80 Welded Transport Chain, G70/G80 Forged Hooks, Links, Welded/Forged Rings, Tow Hook, Webbing Slings, Ratchet/Lever Load Binder, etc.

Besides the products on our site, we can also supply Rigging & Lifting made to your specifications.


Do believe our company will be your new loyal partner in China.


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